Medical office management system

w3Med is our cloud based medical office management system.  We offer the below integrated modules.

  • Contact Manager
    •  Patients, Physicians, Families, Insurance Companies, Labs, Employers, Donors, Users, etc.
    •  Includes 80 optional/customizable fields
    • View on a single page demographics, encounter history, insurance information, attached documents, etc
    • Utilize our email marketing to send out customized email blasts
  • Encounter Manager
    • Phone Calls, Voicemails, Office/Home/Doctor/School Visits, etc.
    • Includes 150 optional/customizable fields
  • Task Manager
    • Record, sort, filter, attach other users, set deadlines for each item on your list.
  • Calendar
    • Single source your office calendar with each user scheduling and inviting other users to meetings, events, and appointments.
  • Interactive Reports
    • Choose from 10 of our most popular reports and/or customize your own.  The sky is the limit!

All the above included starting at just $150/month!